Thursday, August 4, 2011

When to Call It?

Last night, I was running a normal Stonecore. The pug group was going along and one of the DPS kept falling behind. Eventually in chat, he called out, "wait, mom". Corebus downed and he did an average of 1300 dps. (As the healer, spamming Smite, I did 900). Something a little bit off about this guy, sure. Someone inspects his gear, and he has ilevel 90 trinkets. Sure, I've done that, but not in awhile.

Now this DPS is just a little miffed. He goes and pulls the boss. (nope I didn't let him die). We move on, and he starts pulling trash. He's grumpy, tank starts making rude remarks... As the healer, we're headed down the worst portion for a non-cohesive group. Trash that pulls from everywhere. I am really scared, because I don't want my little duckies to die. At least not commit suicide like they were!!

I made a rash decision; I dropped. This seemed like a good idea, but I feel bad leaving the group in the lurch. The rude comments, I think, pushed me over the top. I almost requeued, I didn't see a deserter buff as in a BG,  but didn't.

When would you call it? When is a pug too much to deal with?

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