Friday, September 16, 2011

Healers Have to Live!

Check out this post by Cynwise about a feature in Healers Have to Die that highlights the friendly healers. It makes wonderful sense to highlight that your friendly healer is being hurt in a BG, but one commenter mentioned he uses the addon in raiding, as well, to pinpoint when they have healer aggro.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Bounty of Drops

During the raid last Wednesday, not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 upgrades dropped during our run through BoT. OK, one of the drops, the pants, are an off-spec, DPS set upgrade, but still a nice change.
  1. Bracers of the Dark Pool - replacing the PVP  Bloodthirsty Firewave Bracers
  2. Wyrmbreaker's Amulet - replacing the PVP Vicious Gladiator's Pendant of Meditation. Of course, after the raid, I then completed the 40-ish quests to open the Fireland's dailies and picked up the i365 neck from there. 
  3. Flame Pillar Leggings - didn't end up using, because I already had the crafted Flame-Ascended Pantaloons
  4. Power Generator Hood - replacing Mercury-Coated Hood.
Finally, the Jar of Ancient Remedies also dropped off Maloriak, but I passed rolling on it, due to my other 4 wins. It WOULD have been a nice upgrade for my non-heroic Witching Hourglass. Of course, my raid leaders don't have an iPhone, otherwise the new changes to the AskMrRobot applet might have alerted them to the discrepancy. :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Raiding Priorities

I've been told tonight, I'll get to heal for the raid group! They are going to reset all of the raids and run one of the starting environments. For most of the group, this will be old content. Seen and killed Magmaw a few times already. Hopefully this means that all the wonderful caster gear will be MINE!

To get prepared, I've been researching on AskMrRobot and LootRank. To be exact, I am taking the stat scale provided by MrRobot and using it on the LootRank website. The reason being, that LootRank has one option that I love, te All-in-One view. This helps me see what upgrades would be my biggest and best upgrades. Considering, I have 4 items that are iLevel 300 - 316, I think I know which to watch for, but still like the view.

LR Priority:
  1. Weapon - Crafted, Nefarion then Magmaw
  2. Trinkets - Crafted, Cho'gall then JP Vendor
  3. Wand - VP Vendor or Chimaeron
Personal Priorities (low, or replacing PVP gear)
  1. Helm - Magmaw
  2. Shoulder - Altramedes
  3. Neck - VP Vendor or Halfus
  4. Bracers - VP Vendor, or Altramedes
I'll let you know if anything drops tonight. Or if I get kicked and replaced with a DPS toon.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

PVP Bug? Or healing NPCs?

I just finished a BG, Alterac Valley, where we won. I was just overwhelmingly surprised, when I saw this warrior did so much healing!

Today I reached a 348 iLevel by equipping a PVP trinket. This replaced the mediocre (i316) Rainsong. I also picked bought off the AH a Mercury-coated Hood ro replace my Aurelian Mitre.

With these two replacements, I ran a totally pugged Lost City. First boss, all but the rogue died. Nice because he actually res'd us all. No drops that I could use, but very frantic fights. Got the heart racing, for sure.