Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Heroic Success

Last night when the guild's raid failed due to lack of attendance, I bit the bullet and ran a 80%-guild heroic dungeon. We pulled Heroic Throne.

Everything went smooth, only 1 wipe and 1 additional death. Wipe on the Lady Naz'jar, I kept getting hit by the waterspout, which is basically a silence. So the tank died, bringing us all down.

Next death was on the gauntlet before Neptulon. I got tagged a few too many times with the curse, causing a quick death.

This was a bit of a cushy run. Besides being 80% guild, so we could all chat on Vent. I had 2 DPS that also self-healed; shaman and shadow priest. On the last fight, the shadow priest healed herself more than I healed the tank. Nice, but have to run another to get a better idea.

No drops from the dungeon, the heroic helm would have been nice. I did get the crafted pants, and the tank also created a sparkly 346 ring for me. Wow-Heroes has the heroic dungeons as on the 'difficult' side, maybe need to run a few more normal dungeons and upgrade to the jp helm?? Rather grab one from a raid. Magmaw has 2 upgrades that would be excellent drops.

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