Monday, August 8, 2011

Reviewing my Vuhdu Settings

Since I started healing, I've been using the healers best friend, Vuhdu. This addon presents me with a clickable grid for each member of my party. For each of the combinations of buttons on my 5 button mouse, I have tied different healing spells.

This works great. Unfortunately, now that I am running dungeons like Vortex Pennacle, I am regularly running out of  mana either by the end of the fight, or soon after. I have slowly been reforging and enchanting for spirit where ever possible, plus attempting to use mana regeneration spells. Unfortunately I don't think that is enough.

Reading through Narilka's guide over on Manaflask, I think I see a few problems.
  1. I have spec'd into Atonement, so fights where I don't use Smite (combined with Archangel/Evangelism), I run out of mana.
  2. I need to quit using Renew. Only time this spell has done enough healing for me, is when I pop it on someone wearing cloth, who's also shielded. Mage, lock, myself.. We don't typically take a bunch of damage, so I can slow heal. In fact, I need to take it off a mouse key. I currently have it mapped to my middle button. That I think should be Penance.
  3. I need to use Penance (and Pain Suppresion) in more instances than just emergency situations. What happens is, I tend to forget it is there on the button bar, until the person is already dead.. 
Considering my mana issues, I've also got to start stacking more spirit and/or Int. I am not jumping on this too much, yet. No point in gemming or enchanting for spirit until I hit 85 (20% left) and pickup the 2 tier pieces. Happily at 85, I should have four i359 pieces waiting for me (tier chest, hands, crafted belt and boe boots). This alone should make for some interesting changes to my game play.

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