Thursday, March 1, 2012

Go Mog Myself - Admiral's Hat

I was just reading Poneria's blog post about her taking pictures for her Go Mog Yourself post. On GMY, they have various authors posting about their current transmogrification projects and why they developed them. I've mentioned my little mog set for my PVP set, where I try to look less healie and more melee in bgs. This seems have had a decent effect in that usually I am left alone when defending a flag.

For my raid set, I wanted something completely different. I wanted to be able to plop into a dungeon or raid and know that I wasn't running the wrong set. It was skimming the auction house, that I spotted the Admiral's hat. I immediately bought it up and started working on a matching set.

Thematically, I am looking for:

Admiral's Hat

  1. Strikingly different than my PVP set. Gown / dress ok
  2. Blue with Gold accents to match the theme of the hat.
  3. Regal looking. I looked and there isn't necessarily a set to go with the hat. Not going to wear the Pirate Shirt along with my Navy hat. 
With those basic thematic ideas, I started skimming the auction house and my tailoring patterns to see what I had. These are the visible items that I started off with:
I don't worry about my legs, feet or wrists; they are not visible. I had mog'd my off-hand recently so that I wasn't carrying around a skull popcicle. The Shadow Council Orb has  a nice spell effect where a yellow sparkly spins around it. I think the blueish color with yellow glow is a nice effect. 

Overall, I am happy with the total outfit. I wish that it didn't crop off my pony-tail, but that is the hat's fault. It does create a wee bit of a stir when I first drop into a dungeon/raid as people check out the stats on the healer in iLevel 48 gear models. (Yes, I see you all targeting me in my Vudo panel. I'll pop a shield on you, just so you know, I know.)