Monday, August 15, 2011

Grabbing PVP Fillers

Looking at my existing gear last Friday, I found that I had three i306 items that I could fill in with i358 crafted PVP items. For 60 embersilk and a dozen elementals (6 fire, 3 water, and 3 air) I was able to replace my green i306 shoulders and wrists with fairly appropraite gear (Bloodthirsty Embersilk Shoulders and Bloodthirsty Firewave Bracers). I could have also done the pvp neck and head, but plan to get the justice point head and the Firelands neck.

With these two upgrades and a quick reforge, I was ready for a run through normal Halls of Origination. Now at 2250 spirit, I didn't run out of mana, as fast. When I was out, I regenerated it quicker. I only had two deaths (no wipes), both the mage who seemed to like to lead the group. To my defense, both on boss fights (and there are a lot of boss fights in this dungeon), Anhuur and Rajh.

In my opinion, the hardest boss fight was Anhuur. This is the fight where the tank must jump down and hit the trigger and run back up. This creates two issues, distance and los. If I jumped I took massive fall damage and would need to self-heal. If I stayed up top, I couldn't heal the tank because of the distance/los issues. I'll need to try this again and see what works best. Maybe run down the stairs on the opposite side the tank runs down?

On with my questing in Hyjal. I picked up the pre-quest for Firelands, Call of the Ancients, off the message board in town. This quest sets the requirements for me to start those Firelands dailies. Of the 84 quests needed to complete it, I am at #49. Next stop Deepholm, so that I can get the shoulder enchants.. Wonder if there's a shortcut?? How quickly can I pickup a tabard? (Sending my alt to get some shoulder enchants from the Hodir. )

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