Monday, August 29, 2011

Afraid of Heroics

70 levels of regular pugged dungeons, now that I have the gear score to enter a Heroic Cata dungeon, I am nervous to try. It's a pug, I really shouldn't care what people think. I've stacked enough spirit that mana shouldn't be an issue. Average iLevel 340 gear. Sure half my pieces are ilevel 333 and below, but the rest are i358 (crafted PVP), or above.

Why am I afraid of running heroic? Most groups running the early Cata dungeons are either new-85s (so they don't mind a few wipes) or they are raid epic'd, so they won't wipe in these dungeons. I know how to heal, and  I am working hard to improve my skills. PVP/BG for worry-free practice.

Maybe later this week.. The guild tailor should have finished the crafted pants. I'd really like to run a few Heroic SFK, there are a good number of healer upgrades in there.. LootRank thinks my next upgrades should be my weapon, and then trinket. For the weapon, I'd like to sit in on a Magmaw run, and hope to grab Incineratus. 900 JP would get me the 346 offhand. Another 1650 would get the Core of Ripeness trinket.

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