Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Right around Cata-Beta, I started leveling up again. Last night around 1AM local time, I saw the wonderful achievement ding.

I had completed another episode of Stonecore. This one started out odd. Somehow, Blizzard had the great idea of allowing Disc Priest to play DPS roles. So, without paying attention, I sat in the 20 min DPS queue, and found myself a seat on a dungeon run. Happily the healer of the dungeon totally understood and went DPS. (I don't have a DPS spec to flip to). Completing this dungeon dropped me at 1 1/2 bubbles from 85.

Thinking back to my shopping list, I realized, I should probably working on questing in Hyjal. The neck and back both will be nice upgrades for my gear. Speaking of..

With reaching 85, I was able to finally spend the Justice Points I have been saving up since 70 and running wrath dungeons. At about 4 dungeons ago, I reached 3966 jp. Seeing this, I flew to Dalaran and bought 3 gems (2 purple and 1 red) from the jewelcrafting vendor at 220 jp each. This brought me down low enough to complete the last three dungeons and only hit cap with last dungeon.

photographer got me before
I could change my belt.
I now sport 4 items at i359.
  1. Mercurial Robes
  2. Mercurial Handwraps
  3. Belt of the Depths (crafted belt)
  4. Slippers of Moving Waters (justice point item, but also BOE from vendor)
Replaced my BOA back, with a Thousand Bandage Drape that I got off the AH; bringing my gear score from i315 to i326.

Now, where did all my money go??
Upgrade Priorities..
  • Head - Aurelian Mitre (308)
  • Shoulders - Krystal Mantle (308)
  • Wrist - Mystral Wristwraps (306)
  • Trinket - Witching Hourglass (308)
I am trying to figure out when I'll be able to pickup the Firelands opener quests. I've heard from guildies, it's around 30 quests into the chain, after you attempt to save the world tree. Lorewise, I need to save, or attempt to save all of the various bosses, (aviana, Lythogar(?), etc.). I am 49 quests into the Hyjal achievement. But I believe it will be soon.

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