Thursday, December 15, 2011

Getting on My PVP Pants

With the arena season starting up, I wanted an advantage. OK, It's probably not much, considering the addons available to announce your opponents, but anything has to help.

I transmogrified my chest piece into a shirt. This has the net effect of making this priest look like a melee class. I am hoping this provides me an additional second or two before those dreaded "healer must die" addons tag me.. ha ha

Over all, I was working towards an outfit of mostly black (or red). Torn between the ruby shades for the head piece, but settled on the archmage headband.

Ex of Ninja
It sort of reminds me of the ninja outfit, except for missing the face mask. Maybe need to run some crypts? Nope, it's leather. and so is this and this. There's a fishing drop in Moonglade that is cloth, but it's blue.

I see on a RP site, that they made a ninja costume out of the Ebon Mask, which is leather, but a similar model, the Shadoweave mask (purple?) is cloth, and a tailoring item, but the pattern has been removed. One person in Guild has the pattern, so I'll check into the mats! :) Or the Outlanders Facewrap (red) which drops in Hellfire Peninsula and Hellfire Ramparts. I like the red as it goes decently with the red top.