Friday, August 5, 2011

Healing Priest Level 85 Shopping List

After another run through Stonecore, again, I realized that I was now at 3.800 justice points. One could say that I've almost fully charged my credit card and now can do a little shopping. Unfortunately, the stores in Orgrimmar that take that form of credit, still won't let me shop there...  What is a girl to do??

Let's take a look at the Justice catalog! Skimming down, I see 4 items that are a number of BOE gear items that I could potentially post to the AH. Prices range from a few hundred Justice, to 1650 for level 85 items. Looking in bags already, I see a few of these items that just aren't reselling well. At 80, people would smartly be dressed in Cata greens, instead of Wrath purples. ("Green is the new black, ya know").

In fact, a girl would do better selling gems and orbs. These are needed while leveling professions of all types. Think I am going to have to buy a gem before each run to prevent hitting the cap of 4,000. Six more available runs this week, but by then I should be 85.

When I do reach 85, there are a bunch of options. Looking at the catalog of options and comparing my current gear, I believe my best options are going to be the tier chest and hands. This will give me the 2 piece set bonus, and 3 new gems slots. Next would be legs, feet, trinkets and rings.

Shopping List:
already got shiny new i359.
  1. Chest & Hands (bought) - Mercurial Robes & Mercurial Handwraps (3850 Justice Points)
  2. Legs - Mecurial Legwraps (2200)
  3. Ring 1 - Twined Band of Flowers (1250)
  4. Trinket 1 - Core of Ripeness (1650)
  5. Feet (bought)- Slippers of Moving Waters(1650) <<= These boots are BOE. You can find them on the AH (as I did for 800g) or have a generous guildie (or alt) purchase them for you.. 
Dungeons Priorities:
  1. Back (completed) - Mantle of Desire - "The Vow"
  2. Ring - Spirit Fragment Band - "Calling the Ancients"
  3. Neck - Nightweaver's Amulet - "Through the Gates"
  1. Waist (completed) - Belt of Depths (4 dreamcloth = 120 volatiles).
  2. Mainhand weapon - Lightforged Elementium Hammer - Not sure, have to look into this one.. 8 true gold, 30 vol water, and 5 orbs. Since the orbs are BOP, I'll have to woo a blacksmith in guild... The other options, include Incineratus, which my guild has on farm.
Reviewing AskMrRobot, I see upgrade options for my remaining upgrades come from, none other than, more dungeons. Looks like I may need to check out the Hyjal zone one last time so that I can pickup the entry quest into Firelands. My Justice card is paid up and I am ready to go shopping!!

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