Monday, January 30, 2012

Satchel of exotic wtf?

The other night I saw the call to arms healer popped. My arena partner just signed off and I was up for a little random adventure. Top it off, they were offering that big sack of promised goodies.

Sadly, the cataclysm heroic dungeon I got was zul'gurub. IMHO, one of the worst dungeons that could pop. I stuck with it until absolutely there was no more people in the party. 90g in repairs and nothing.

So, glutton for punishement, when it pops up again, I hop on. ZG again. Another crowd that has never done the dungeon. First boss, tank dies quickly but I manage for 5 minutes to keep a rogue alive as he kills the boss. "Cool! You two should do 2s arena." Had to laugh. We proceed through the dungeon at a fairly even pace. A few more wipes as people learn the fights.

Finish off the last boss, grab my satchel of goodies!! and then peek inside anticipating wonderous, glorious, treasures. Ok gold... 24gold!! AND 2 HEALING pots. Healer got 2 mythical healing pots. Same potion that any alchemist can make with 1 twilight jasmine. I was really expecting, I dunno, a pet, some cool weapon, maybe a vanity pair of socks. Nope, not even enough gold and goodies to pay for my repairs.

I am really not sure if the call is going to be heard again. I can get 150 valor without the bills.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

23 fights and still no rating... :(

My arena team is just starting back up. We've had a tough time meeting up this season. He's East Coast, I am on West. I don't logon most nights til after 9PM, so an early midnight for him. 

We've managed to run 23 fights so far, but still no rating. The issue being, so far we get a lot of random fights. Sometimes it's less geared people, but often it's been better. The other night, we hit a run (6 times) of melee dps ( several dk/pally or pally/rogue). When they focus on me, in cloth, I am a goner and quick. No amount of shields, or druid cc's is going to keep me alive for long.  I remember one fight, just constantly dropping renew, and running to keep dispels off us. My main job was to keep Nine not cc'd down. 

Ninebreaker is really good, I'll have to say. I feel that I am riding along on his coat-tails this season. (Check out his body-builder transmog pvp set).

When we do get in the arena with pally's, I am now supposed to throw more Mass Dispel around. The plan is to clear off some protective buff they have.. He says the pally-angel(?) is a buff.. :)

Hope to catch up with him again later this week and get those last 2 wins. Then at least we'll have a rating and can correctly get placed with similar rated teams.