Thursday, October 6, 2011

Which Brewfest Trinket for Disc?

Pickled Egg proc glows
Brewfest is over and it's time to start clearing out the bags of all the trinkets from Coren. Over the two dozen runs through this mini-dungeons, I picked up all three of the 'caster' friendly trinkets.

Now, right off, the easy selection seems to be the Petrified Pickled Egg. It has high INT and procs Haste. Both seem great. Unfortunately it procs off healing spells and playing an Atonement Disc Priest, my key spell is not a heal, but smite, a DPS spell.
By Grifters (206 – 316 days ago (Patch 4.2.2)Sadly Atonement do not proc it. :(
So, now do I run the strict STAM trinket, or do I run the CRIT trinket? I know the Balebrew charm is definitely going into my PVP set. Nothing better in PVP than having more life for the opposing team to take away. Unfortunately, according to those nifty stat weights on AskMrRobot, Crit is the least useful stat for disc, followed close by haste.

I guess the answer is none of them. Before next raid night, going to spend some JP and pick up the Core of Ripeness.

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  1. Tossing the Balebrew charm into your PVP set is brilliant! Why did I not think of that? Probably because I've been neglecting my priest in favour of my hunter these days.

    I'm going to have to give my priest a pvp spec soon. I've been feeling restless and that just might be the source of inspiration that I've been waiting for!