Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stepping into the Arena

Last night my guild was on the last boss of BOT. Yeah, we're a little behind, but very, very casual. They were short a healer, so I got to step in for our typical druid healer. After a few attempts, we had Cho'gall down and I picked up a wonder new weapon, replacing my 316 Biting Wind.

With that, we called the night and I went back to battlegrounds. With the win last night in Eye, I had enough Honor points (>7250) to qualify for the Season 9 weapons, namely a new wand and the related cheese. Whew average i359 gear score!

not us.
OK, so I had been bugging an avid PVP player in guild about running a few arenas. He was interested. He stated that priests look to be top contenders in the arenas right now, it would be a good match. I wanted to do it, so I could pick up a big handful of conquest points. Running Battlegrounds for 25 points a day, is DREADFULLY slow.

Step 1. Form an Arena team. Go to the PVP menu (H), click on the Arena tab on bottom and then click on the 2v2 banner. Up comes the team banner interface, (color, icon and name). Populate the info, invite my 'tank' and save it.

Step 2. Fight! Now we're a team, invite him to join this little party and fire off the arena finder. Queue, accept, apply buffs and everything during the 45 seconds, then die once the gates open.

Step 3. Buy shiny new gear!. Unfortunately after a dreadful 1:7 run last night, I didn't rake in the conquest points that I envisioned. I got just around 100 last night for both the fight and the random battleground. At the moment I have about 1000 resilience. My team member suggests that I stack around the magic "3500" resilience.

Next steps. Going forward, I need to pick up more PVP gear. ATM, I have 5 pieces (shoulders, gloves, neck, trinket 1 and wand). The shoulders have the PVE enchant, not PVP. The gems are all PVE raiding, as well. With 4.3 coming soon (November I hear), buying up Vicious gear might be pointless. I need the gear, or else it will continue to be 10 seconds to death for me. Can't leave my druid fending off everyone all the time...

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