Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend, happily was a great weekend for PVP. I ran around 10 BGs and we won about 8 of them. This brought in a good 1000 honor points, bringing my season total to 18000 (so far). The wins, also bought me 2 new pieces of gear (feet and back). Based on advice from my arena partner, I am buying items that I can enchant, before replacing my PVE gear. (i.e. back before trinket). So far, saved up 1150 conquest points towards the Ruthless belt (belt can be enchanted with a buckle). The remaining 500 conquest should come quickly, just need to win approximately 3 arena fights.

Healer got the most damage done.. 

Speaking of battlegrounds, I absolutely love Strand. Sure, we had a good crew this fight, but it was a fun close fight. When On defense, I started at the blue gate's cannon. Once the alliance had broken through the green gate, I ran up to Yellow and stationed on a cannon there. We slowed them down, but they had the rune in 4 minutes. On attack, I jumped on a demolisher and managed to get all the way to the rune gate before my demo was broken. Unfortunately we didn't have the graveyards, so I almost rez'd  at the beach, gy hop at 2 seconds left. Grab another demo and raced for the rune. Had to break down the red gate. In the last 5 seconds, we grabbed the rune and won.

My demo-driving trick? Easy mouse drive. I hold down both buttons to do the forward movement, then constantly spam 1 and 2 attack buttons. The combined attack of both weapons has the gate down in only a few seconds. Could have had the rune quicker, IF we grabbed graveyards on the way up the hill.

Finally, I am test driving a new Disc priest build. This one get's away from the atonement healing and focuses on straight healing. I still need to get used to using Desperate prayer when I am being attacked, but so far, it seems to easier to heal when being attacked.

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