Tuesday, October 18, 2011

PVP and Hallows Eve

Last night was fun! 

  1. Maxed out my conquest points for the week. 'de rezz' now has a 729 arena rating, which isn't great, but is improving (last week score was 95). Followed quickly by a grand-slam 5:0 win in Arathi Basin for 25 more conquest. By end of next week, I hope to have my season 10 conquest chest piece replacing my raiding Tier-11 chest
  2. Ran through 3 Headless Horseman dungeons (after 1AM local), this awarded 2 hallow's eve achieves (horseman and mask) plus picked up the caster ring for epic and cataclysmic epic. Plan to keep running the dungeon until I pickup the healer ring, plus the squashling for the achieves. At least now, if I don't see it by the end, I'll just buy it. 

Off to trick or treat tonight. Need to finish Outlands for the achievements. After Outlands, I should have enough GNERDS for the PVP achievements and then enough Tricky Treats to spill them out. 

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