Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Raiding Priorities

I've been told tonight, I'll get to heal for the raid group! They are going to reset all of the raids and run one of the starting environments. For most of the group, this will be old content. Seen and killed Magmaw a few times already. Hopefully this means that all the wonderful caster gear will be MINE!

To get prepared, I've been researching on AskMrRobot and LootRank. To be exact, I am taking the stat scale provided by MrRobot and using it on the LootRank website. The reason being, that LootRank has one option that I love, te All-in-One view. This helps me see what upgrades would be my biggest and best upgrades. Considering, I have 4 items that are iLevel 300 - 316, I think I know which to watch for, but still like the view.

LR Priority:
  1. Weapon - Crafted, Nefarion then Magmaw
  2. Trinkets - Crafted, Cho'gall then JP Vendor
  3. Wand - VP Vendor or Chimaeron
Personal Priorities (low, or replacing PVP gear)
  1. Helm - Magmaw
  2. Shoulder - Altramedes
  3. Neck - VP Vendor or Halfus
  4. Bracers - VP Vendor, or Altramedes
I'll let you know if anything drops tonight. Or if I get kicked and replaced with a DPS toon.

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