Monday, January 30, 2012

Satchel of exotic wtf?

The other night I saw the call to arms healer popped. My arena partner just signed off and I was up for a little random adventure. Top it off, they were offering that big sack of promised goodies.

Sadly, the cataclysm heroic dungeon I got was zul'gurub. IMHO, one of the worst dungeons that could pop. I stuck with it until absolutely there was no more people in the party. 90g in repairs and nothing.

So, glutton for punishement, when it pops up again, I hop on. ZG again. Another crowd that has never done the dungeon. First boss, tank dies quickly but I manage for 5 minutes to keep a rogue alive as he kills the boss. "Cool! You two should do 2s arena." Had to laugh. We proceed through the dungeon at a fairly even pace. A few more wipes as people learn the fights.

Finish off the last boss, grab my satchel of goodies!! and then peek inside anticipating wonderous, glorious, treasures. Ok gold... 24gold!! AND 2 HEALING pots. Healer got 2 mythical healing pots. Same potion that any alchemist can make with 1 twilight jasmine. I was really expecting, I dunno, a pet, some cool weapon, maybe a vanity pair of socks. Nope, not even enough gold and goodies to pay for my repairs.

I am really not sure if the call is going to be heard again. I can get 150 valor without the bills.

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